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Fórmula para calcular el grado de satisfacción del cliente

Hoy estaba limpiando mi ordenador y encontrado un archivo adjunto que me ha interesado bastante. Se trata del primer esbozo de un programa de medición de efectividad de la atención al cliente de una empresa para la que hice consultoría freelance en el pasado. La fórmula todavía me parece interesante.

Customer Service Measurement Program.

1. Four target groups.

a) In-site A: We will measure our employees’ service skills as they assist real customers (mystery client).

b) In-site B: We will ask our customers about the service they received as they reach the exit door (amongst the factors we will evaluate: interaction + services + accessibility + communication tone + outcome of the interaction + logistics + billing + cleanliness).

c) Buyers: They will be contacted by phone. We need to separate those who bought product in stock (95% satisfaction must be achieved) and those who placed special orders (85% satisfaction must be achieved). Categories: delivery on time + product condition.

d) Employees: We will measure how satisfied they are with the company.

2. Do we need to outsource or handle it ourselves?

   In house Oursourced 
 In favor We’re already servicing
Knowledge stays within the company
We keep the excel file
Unbiased (?)
Liberates our workforce
 Against Biased opinion
Different perception
We don’t keep the masterfile

3. The overall rate will be calculated using this formula:

[mystery client % + in site questionnaire % + telephone questionnaire % + employees % + [(% of clients who bought once + % of clients who bought twice or more) / 2] + (% of clients who wrote good reviews – % of clients who wrote bad reviews)]/6

Any satisfaction rate below 70% will be considered a service crisis.