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This is my passion… and could be yours

I’ve always been a good strategist and a marketing passionate. But what really makes me proud is seeing that those who worked with me also ended up loving marketing (Brenda Morote, and Carmen Mayor are two good examples).

Jose V. Martínez
Jose V. Martínez


A great professional. He deployed marketing campaigns for Porcelanosa-USA, adapting the product to local taste. It was a pleasure working with him.

Marketing Timeline

  • Jun 2019 - ...


    Sales and Marketing Director (Casino Division)
    Managing sales and marketing teams who help growing our casino business worldwide.
  • Oct 2014 - May 2019

    Casino CIRSA Valencia

    Marketing and Sales Director
    Managing a team of PR, sales, communications, CRM, and customer service professionals.
  • Nov 2011 - Oct 2014

    Meriendacena Producciones

    Marketing and Operations Manager
    Along with comedian David Guapo, I ran a company that produced live shows -Meriendacena Producciones- and also an IT venture -I like IT Solutions- that provided events ticketing and ecommerce solutions.
  • Aug 2008 - Jan 2012

    Sun Palace Albir Hotel & SPA

    Marketing, Sales and Operations Manager
    My family runs this 216-room hotel. I helped jump starting it.
  • Jan 2006 - Jul 2008

    Porcelanosa USA

    Marketing Director
    At Porcelanosa USA my team was in charge of Marketing and Communications, but also sales training, product management, and new openings. Therefore, we dealt with operations on a daily basis.
  • Oct 2004 - Dec 2005

    Linkara (Grupo Intercom)

    Head of Customer Service
    I was head of customer services at Linkara, a Spanish social network that aimed to compete with Facebook. We failed but then we launched Neurona, a professional network that was later acquired by Infojobs and renamed as Xing.
  • Mar 2004 - Oct 2004

    Climente Comunicación

    Climente Comunicación was my second startup. An advertising agency I ran with former college classmate, Ana Corbín. We made a lot of mistakes. But we learned from them.
  • Jan 2003 - Feb 2004

    Marriott Hotels, Minneapolis MN

    Customer Service Supervisor
    After I finished my Customer Service Management Certificate Program I worked for Marriott as a front desk supervisor, also training Spanish speaking employeess in customer service techniques.