Carlos Climente

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About me

Things I love (besides my wife and children)…

I travel a lot although Randall Olson’s challenge is still on my bucket list!

Live shows

Musicals and Comedy shows are my favourite, which is why I became a producer.


I love what I do. That’s why I log 50 to 70 hours/week. You know: Work hard, party hard.

Personal Info

Full Name:

Carlos Climente Plasencia

Lived in:

Spain, Belgium, and the US


Advertising (UCH-CEU)


Global MBA (IE Business School)


Customer Service and Innovation


  • 10/2021 – today
  • GAMING1.
  • Head of Retention (CRM, VIP, Loyalty Programs)
  • 06/2019 – 10/2021
  • CIRSA.
  • Global Customer & Marketing Director (CMO casinos)
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My Professional skills

Digital Experience

I learned html coding when I was 16. Back then, just a few knew what the Internet was. Hence, I got to help great companies such as CEU or CIRSA embracing new technologies. I also invested in Two53, a growth hacking firm.

Marketing management

Ask my colleagues, former classmates and alumni, and they will tell you how passionate I am about marketing and sales. In fact, this website used to be a blog (in Spanish) about marketing innovation.

Operations Management

Albeit my job title has always had the words “marketing” and “sales” on it, I dealt a lot with operations. I ran an ice cream shop, then a hotel; at Porcelanosa I was in charge of new openings. At Meriendacena I was the COO.