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Brenda Bejarano

Brenda Bejarano

The downturn of the new construction market is hitting on companies that provide building materials, such as Porcelanosa. Due to this downturn, we have had to make some difficult decissions lately. Amongst them, letting go who has been our marketing assistant for the [almost] last two years, Brenda Bejarano.

This is a tought decission considering that Brenda is one of the most reliable professionals I have ever worked with. She is a self entrepenour, someone who establishes her jurisdiction within the company and manages it flawlessly.

Not only she’s been effective on her duties, but also she has faced them with the most positive attitude. She comes to work and leaves each day with a smile on her face, willing to work overtime, and cheering up her coworkers, therefore building team spirit.

Brenda excels on her PR duties, organizing events, planning budgets, tracking expenses, maintaining databases, and managing the advertising schedule with the media. She will be missed at Porcelanosa.

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